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Search Engine Optimisation

AmpsTek - Search Engine Services

Drive Website Traffic + Accelerate Your Results with Targeted Search Engine Optimization

Search engines drive almost two thirds of all web traffic. Putting it another way, only about one third of internet users type a complete URL into their browser. Instead, they Google (approximately 65% market share) or Bing (approximately 33% market share) everything, and click on the top results. Can your business afford to be left out?

Trust AmpsTek to help ensure you have the best possible listing including local and supporting directories. We offer a full suite of technical and strategic services to help capture a higher percentage of search traffic:

  • -  Website technical analysis and recommendations
  • -  Strategic review and research including comparison to top local and national competitors
  • -  Results reporting and comparison to established baseline
  • -  Content targeting and other recommendations
  • -  Ongoing management, reporting, and continuous improvement

In addition, all AmpsTek website development projects are built with technical best practices included. We can also provide supporting Search Engine Marketing and Remarketing services to make sure your business is in the high-traffic sweet spot with plenty of repeat visits.

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Over a third of all website visits come from mobile devices. AmpsTek can help ensure you are making the most of each visit.

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