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Network Security + Audit

AmpsTek - Network Security + Audit

Network Security + Audit

In today's era of hackers and cyber-theft, technological development can be a risky endeavor, exposing you to information loss, data breaches, and threats to your reputation. Your local area network or LAN is the foundation of your IT infrastructure, connecting all of your computers and devices.  Therefore, its initial design, implementation and regular upkeep are key to keeping your organization's operating systems functional and secure.

Ampstem strives to implement the latest IT security applications to safeguard your complete infrastructure and ensure your peace of mind, including the initial configuration and scheduled scans to ensure applicable systems are safe over time.

Our Cybersecurity / IT Security Services

  • Perimeter Defense – UTMs and Firewalls
  • Interior Defense – Antivirus and Access Controls
  • Secure Network Design
  • Desktop-Lockdowns
  • OS and Active Directory Hardening
  • Multifactor Authentication
  • Vulnerability Tests for your websites and other public facing hosted applications

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