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AmpsTek - Energy

Establish a competitive advantage in the insurance sector.

Introducing AmpsTek’s Solutions for Smart Grids

Climate change concerns have made the construction of new power plants and power lines increasingly unattractive. As the need for innovation increases, the electric power industry has to respond by gradually transforming into a digitally controlled smart grid.

Demand response is emerging as a key component of the new smart grid. Whereas yesterday’s electric power industry increased supply by building new infrastructure when more power was needed, reducing demand is now becoming a viable energy management alternative.

AmpsTek provides solutions that enable energy companies to make the transition to the smart grid and implement demand management technologies.

Key Features

  •   IoT Solutions

  •   Cloud Solutions

  •   Application Development Solutions

  •   Data Analytics and Visualization

  •   IT Consulting & Staffing

  •    Demand management portals

  •   Embedded systems for device and equipment monitoring

  •   Smart metering systems

  •   Consumer web portals for energy management

  •   Two way wireless networks

  •   Web based demand

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