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AmpsTek - disaster-recovery-and-business-continuity

Accelerate Your Business Continuity with Safe, Secure + Reliable Back Up + Disaster Recovery Services

We tend to believe that either disaster won't strike or our data is safely backed up—until our computer crashes or a severe weather incident wipes out a data center. Organizations that demand continuous uptime, also known as "high availability," can utilize our managed services for business continuity to continue operations in the face of a disaster.

The definition of a disaster can vary widely from a single server failure to complete destruction of the physical work site due to fire, flood, theft or other misfortune. We can design a customized solution using best-in-class software that allows your business to continue some or all of its technology-centric operations while you tackle more pressing problems and return to normal.

AmpsTek services allow you to focus on running and growing your business while we make sure your data is always available, on the cloud or a private server depending on your unique needs. In addition to protecting your data, we can provide technical assistance, trouble shooting, change management, and regular reporting services. We also recommend the latest cloud software including Microsoft OneDrive.

Our support services include:

Identifying business critical systems that
need Business Continuity
and disaster
Configuring and maintaining servers and data for Business Continuity and disaster Recovery
Periodic testing of configuration with
simulated local
and regional

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