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Turnkey Cloud Solutions

AmpsTek - Cloud + Infrastructure Management - Turnkey Cloud Solutions

Enable + Accelerate Your Business by Engaging a Trusted Partner

A truly modern business requires more than last year's Microsoft Office Suite. The highest performing organizations run on highly tuned infrastructure leveraging the latest cloud technology, deploying a sophisticated combination of services and software that requires a combination of skills and experience that can seem out of reach for small and midsize businesses.

AmpsTek turnkey cloud and infrastructure solutions have been designed to allow organizations of all sizes to benefit from the latest trends — including artificial intelligence and machine learning — by deploying the best possible software for your needs and providing ongoing support with highly skilled resources.

We can help you seamlessly access documents across devices, collaborate with coworkers, plan projects, manage workflows, and more while protecting your data from traditional failure and providing a world-class level of stability and performance. In addition, many cloud solutions are less expensive over time then their local counterparts, and our commitment to providing exceptional value and a high return on investment ensures you can maintain control of your budget and helps increase long term peace of mind.

Contract Staffing

Best-in-class solutions Our turnkey services are powered by the leading providers in the industry, offering enterprise-class features, performance, stability, and security that improves productivity, increases efficiency, reduces risk, and generates a real return on investment

Contract Staffing

Lower total cost of ownership The cloud can reduce your cost of ownership by lowering the management and maintenance demands associated with traditional software and services; the savings are augmented by KORCOMPTENZ global delivery model and transparent pricing

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Higher return on investment Cloud software and services have been proven to provide substantial returns on your investment and value per employee by greatly increasing productivity, lower downtime, reducing risk, and improving collaboration and satisfaction for your associates

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