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Engagement Intelligence

AmpsTek - Engagement Intelligence

Accelerate Marketing Performance with a Deeper Level of Understanding

Engagement Intelligence is the marketing corollary of Business Intelligence, helping you connect data points scattered across website analytics, search engine rankings, ad impressions, email views, and more into a coherent picture of your overall marketing performance and areas for improvement.

It's about understanding customer and prospect behavior in a quantitative and qualitative way that helps you make the most out of every click. It also serves as the baseline to measure your success and a foundation for your future marketing efforts. KORCOMPTENZ offers both the technical knowledge to streamline massive data sets and the strategic insight to understand the trends.

Engagement Intelligence

Develop consolidated reporting dashboards that integrate data from multiple sources including website, social media, and other channels

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Analyze and understand individual user behavior as they browse your website and interact with your content

Engagement Intelligence

Combine real-time snapshots and long-term trends into meaningful action and improvements in your marketing campaigns

Engagement Intelligence

Implement short and long term plans to drive more targetted traffic, increase your engagement and convert more leads


Whether you are struggling to understand your data or are overwhelmed by the sheer volume, KORCOMPTENZ can start making sense of it quickly and provide the kind of actionable insights that will grow your business and accelerate your results.

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Over a third of all website visits come from mobile devices. AmpsTek can help ensure you are making the most of each visit.

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