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Engage, Accelerate + Enable Your Information + Marketing Technology Across All Industries + Verticals

AmpsTek is a fully-integrated, full-service technology provider that specializes in meeting the information and marketing technology needs of a wide variety of industries and organizations. We serve manufacturers and agencies, publishers and non-profits, technology firms and financial companies, healthcare organizations and consultancies, and we believe the right technology strategy, vision, and plan is a critical component of our customer's success regardless of their specific vertical.

We've also worked extensively in several demanding verticals including the healthcare and financial industry where the protection of data and the preservation of records are paramount, and we'e consistently met the needs of the following key markets:

Key Marketareas

We understand that certain market sectors require specialized expertise and regulatory knowledge, and we can leverage a robust network of consultants and a dedicated professional staffing team to ensure the right talent is available at the right time. We believe this combination of services and experience enables us to exceed our customer’s expectations independent of their market, and we look forward to demonstrating how we can achieve your unique goals.

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Over a third of all website visits come from mobile devices. AmpsTek can help ensure you are making the most of each visit.

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