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Human Resource Applications

AmpsTek - Human Resource Applications

Human Resource Applications

AmpsTek custom enterprise solutions include a full suite of HR and performance management applications that can be customized and deployed to meet your specific needs. The application’s core includes a consistent operational and administrative framework, allowing users to focus on their key tasks in an intuitive manner that increases productivity and satisfaction across the following key ares:

Trust AmpsTek to help ensure you have the best possible listing including local and supporting directories. We offer a full suite of technical and strategic services to help capture a higher percentage of search traffic:

  • -  Employee Management
  • -  Recruitment
  • -  Time Sheet + Attendance
  • -  Performance Management
  • -  Industry Specific Needs
  • -  Customer Relationship Management

The Human Resource Application is also available as a software as service offering. Please visit our Professional Staffing section to learn more about our full suite of HR capabilities.

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